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How money is causing the majority of problems in our world right now

After posting the video about space time, I really started thinking more. Time is our perception of time as people here on earth. What happens when you add money to the picture as well? Money was also created by us, and it controls us, more than anything else on earth. Wars over money, people are killed over money, you go to work everyday to survive because you have to have money to survive, I go on and on with this list. So what do you do each day you work? For a big percentage, you wake up early every morning, rush to get ready, get in your car and drive to work to make it there on time. Why is this important? For now, because you have to survive. But what is it really useful for? Our society the way it currently is. To look at the the big picture of things, and the way I see them now – you rush to get to work on time to make money to survive as a human being on earth. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. Why is everything so centered around money? Why is our perception of time what it is? Well, because you can’t show up for work whenever you feel like it, you have to show up to work at the time your schedule says, or you will get in trouble, get yelled at by your bosses, and possibly even get fired. All of this just because you have to make money to pay for having shelter, to pay for having food, to pay for any children you have, to pay for transportation, electricity, water, heat in the winter, cold air in the summer, medical issues, and any leisure time you want to have besides having to pay for your bills and basic necessities, you have to pay to enjoy yourself. Why?

Most crimes are because of money. People get murdered because of money. People get into car accidents everyday and die on their way to work, to make money. The United States are in a desperate time of conflict now because of the election, because everyone now feels that they have to choose one person out of two people that most people can not stand. Out of these two people running for election, what do you think their biggest motivator is? Money. They go on and on and on about how they are going to solve the economic issues for the country, reduce taxes, prevent other countries from stealing jobs, and so on. Almost every single issue they bring up is centered around money. Money does rule the world, and it does cause the majority of the problems. Money is a material possession.

I know I can’t stand the way things are in this way, I want them to change. I want the world to stop being controlled by money. If money never existed, we would be so much better off. We wouldn’t be having wars right now, we wouldn’t be forced into having to work jobs that make us miserable, and being around people at those jobs that make us miserable. There wouldn’t be any poverty, no one would be going hungry because they don’t have money. The election would be irrelevant. People wouldn’t be dying because a doctor refuses to treat them because they are poor. There would be no power trips by people, because money creates power trips. These people on power trips cause a lot of problems for others thinking they are superior in some way. People with a lot of money aren’t superior at all, they only think they are. When money is out of the picture, which I believe will have to happen eventually, and not too far into the future, these “superior people” will be the worst off in reality. We can’t unite with money controlling us, so I do not see any other way money can continue existing if we are going to continue existing as a human race.

Adding this video because it was shown to me by a friend after I posted this. What if money was no object? – Alan Watts