planet earth

Stop destroying our planet.

It really gets old seeing all of the stuff posted about how “people” are acting, such as the people rioting again in Missouri. I’m going to post what I think with no bullshit honesty. I’m saying it how it is. I hope you’re proud of yourself. The only thing that makes you human is resembling one, the rest of you is nothing but a savage wild animal. People like you are exactly what is going to cause us as a human race to fail. How does it make you feel to know that all you are doing is nothing but mass destruction which is what will lead to the extinction of us humans? This isn’t the way to solve problems.


Not to worry though, this can be fixed. While you are out being the savage you are, others that know better and are aware are working towards the direction for good. Eventually that good will win, and it won’t be in the very distant future. Acting like a savage destroying our planet will do nothing but cause you to be reset over and over until you can function in the universe as an intelligent being. Our purpose is to rise above, not rise below.