Do you find my blog harsh?

I want to write this short post to explain some of the ways I say things so there is no confusion. I showed my post about sine waves to a friend because I wanted his opinion. His opinion was that my first paragraph was a little harsh. It may come off harsh, but that isn’t my intention. My intention is to put my thoughts out there on the way I see things. Whoever wants to read it is welcome to read it, that is why I made a blog. I’m not saying that if you read my blog, you better start agreeing, you are welcome to debate, you are welcome to share your beliefs. I am not here to push anything I believe down someones throat, but if anyone here decides to view things in a different perspective after reading my blog, that is their decision. My friend said the way I used the word ignorance was the harsh part. I disagreed. We debated on the word ignorance, because I brought up that it is the correct word to use, that the way people interpret it is what makes it harsh. The definition of ignorance is simply lack of knowledge or information. What is harsh about that? I’m ignorant, you’re ignorant, everyone is ignorant to something. People are ignorant of the word ignorant, and it does things like make my blog look harsh when it isn’t my intention. I’m also not going to change the way I word things because that will go against my whole point, I word things the way they are and use the correct words in what the words actually mean to do that. I don’t care if people have twisted a definition of a word to be insulting. The bible says things much more harsh than anything I have said here, and billions of people read the bible.

That ended up being longer than I intended, but that happens a lot with me.