Negative energy

Demons do not exist in the way you think they do.

This is a short post about demonic possession, and how it has been misunderstood.
What is demon possession to you? What Hollywood has shown you? If so, it isn’t true, it is all misinterpretations, and something only to cause fear. Have you ever seen anyone in real life that is possessed by demons like you see in movies? I’m going to go ahead and say no now, because they do not exist. What does exist is people letting negative emotions control their life, and some get so bad that they resemble something that would be considered demonic possession. I have seen it in my personal life a few times, but each of these people created it, it wasn’t a “demon from hell”. It was a personal demon that these people let get so strong, it literally made them crazy, suicidal, turned them into lunatics, changed them physically, and even made some of them deathly sick. This is what being in an extremely low vibration state causes – there isn’t much more to it. When you are in such a low vibration, these negative energies attach to you almost at will, you have no clue on how to control yourself, you’ll fight with a 2 year old if the 2 year old was intimidating you. It is an extremely immature mindset. These people don’t even notice it. These same types of people created the myths that these demonic beings exist, when they don’t really. It is also one of the easiest things you can do to clear this negativity from you, but so many people have no clue how to do it. They call a priest, when the priest has no clue how this works either. Here is a way to look at it. If someone is trying to fight with you, what do you think will happen if you spray some holy water on them, or light some sage? Nothing, you may even make the enemy angrier. The correct way to handle it is to get to the root of the problem the individual is facing, and start from There. Only use good energy on them, do not give in to anything they say, show the negativity in them love, and the negativity can’t harm you.

The correct way to handle negativity in bad situations so YOU have the best outcome

My last post about the truth about Jesus is very true. A lot of people are going to be confused on the how to in this though. I feel that a good way for you to understand is to first understand how to deal with negativity in your life correctly. You’ll see that when everyone can see The Truth, that there will be no negativity to deal with anyways once everyone is united in harmony; which is what Jesus wanted and what his message is about, to unite everyone.

I’m going to write about a personal incident I had to deal with and I used good intention in it to handle the negativity, and I had the best outcome. The negativity can’t win if you don’t let it. I’m hoping my incident can help you understand as well.

First, give the negativity you are dealing with NO power, none, zero, do not even think about it. This is the MOST important thing to keep in mind. I’m going to give you how I used this technique in court against my abusive narcissist ex for a protection order, and how all of my worries were taken care of for me, easy as cake.

My learning this technique has been pretty recent, but once I was exposed to it, I understood it and was very interested in continuing to study it and share it. I feel this happening was preparing me for this incident. My friend that accompanied me was a guide for me that day. He reminded me of the importance of not giving him any power, and to not even look at him once, to look only at him (my friend) when I got on the stand. I’m glad he reminded me to not even give him enough power to look at him, and I didn’t, not even once. I felt his negative energy constantly trying to attack me and I was not letting it happen.

When I was called on the stand to tell my side of the story, I did so with good intention. I kept it straight to the point only as its non-sense to do it any other way if it isn’t going to help your case or be relevant. I simply told the judge I would like a permanent protection order due to my ex’s inability to let the relationship go in an adult manner, and so we could go about our own lives separately.

Oh I do want to add this part too about something I was still a bit worried about, but the angels took care of it for me that day as well. My ex was away for a while and I got in a situation with no money. I called him and asked if I could borrow some money from his checking account, that I would return it when I got the money. Well I ended up losing my job very shortly after that, and had no way to return my ex’s money to his account. After I got my temporary protection order, he started making threats to my friends to get me charged with a felony for using his bank account without his permission. He said if I didn’t drop the restraining order, he would press the charges on me. I did get legitimately worried (I was giving him power by doing so and I understood it, but the laws in that situation are weird and I’m not familiar with them in my current state). It stayed in the back of my mind I was going to possibly be a felon and it bothered me, even on my court date. It no longer bothers me because he told on himself in court.

I’ll explain how it happened (when he told on himself) because it’ll help explain the technique I am giving you to understand how to handle negativity with good intention.

When my ex was allowed to ask me questions, he asked me if I would pay him back the money I borrowed from his checking account, and he brought up when I called him to ask for permission. Good intention, I said yes, we can make arrangements then I looked at the judge and said I will pay him back on terms to not violate my own protection order. The judge said ok, but he didn’t bring it back up so oh well, I don’t think he cared.

Of course, my ex being full of anger (negativity) by the time our hearing was about over, he just had to continue his threats. He forgot he admitted to giving me permission to use his bank account already because he got so full of anger. Of course he threatened ,e and said I want you to remember I’m going to press charges on you for using my bank account without permission, he said he contacted his bank about pressing the charges and hasn’t contacted the police, as of YET. The tone he used was funny, like I was scared of his threat when he admitted the truth already, in court in front of a judge and on paper lol. I was just shaking in my boots terrified (not really). After that, the judge looked at me and said any questions for him? I said nope, thank you and have a wonderful day. (No is the best thing you can say, ignore it, there was absolutely no point in me trying to say anything to him what so ever, or I would have been giving his negativity power.)

To not go into too many other details, because if you can grasp this concept by this explanation, there is no need for me to ramble on (which I’m bad at doing sometimes).

That day in court ended up turning out very entertaining, the rest of the day was beautiful and I had a good time with my friends, everyone enjoyed some laughs in court (at my ex’s expense) because he made a complete fool of himself because he got SO angry that I wouldn’t even look at him.

I’m hoping this helps people in understanding how to work with the dark energies and helps you in understanding how the dark forces have NO power what so ever compared to using good intention/love.

We will no longer have to deal with people like this once we all understand the truth about life, and how to live in harmony. For now we do have to deal with it, because everyone is not united yet, but it will be temporary. So do you want to continue having to live with these types of people (like my ex) or do you want to help change it so we don’t have to suffer anymore? The choice is yours.