Matisyahu And Bone Thugs N Harmony Speak The Truth

A very important thing to remember is that I can not tell you to go seek the answers to your life; you have to seek them from your own person wanting to honestly know. If you do not honestly want to know, from your heart, then you are not going to understand. This means any doubts you have are going to over power your good intention of wanting to understand, because you do not understand yet how to move the negativity to the side yet.
I have no idea who wrote the original “The Present” book, but I did hear he passed away. I’m here to finish writing his book, and to help everyone understand more, since I understand now myself. Others will join when they understand it themselves.
This will continue until everyone on earth understands. This is beautiful. I can understand if you do not understand yet, it only means you aren’t ready. I want to emphasise how I DO NOT want to push my beliefs on anyone, I’m writing this for everyone to use as reference for when they are ready, and then only.

I enjoyed the part where Michael wrote about The Beatles being prophets, I want to add some other singers who are also prophets, to help continue his message.

Bone Thugs N Harmony and Matisyahu are prophets. Like Michael said, whether they understood or not (which I think Matisyahu does at least, if not all of them), they did say it, and sung it. They also got very popular.

I want you to really listen to the lyrics in these two songs I am going to link to here, and see what you think. My next post will be their interpretation.

Bone Thugs N’ Harmony – The Crossroads –

Matisyahu – One Day