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Can an abusive man change? If you believe so, what is the percentage of them you believe can change?

I wrote a letter to give to my friend I was referring to in this post. I brought up a number that I felt was the percent of men that would change, or could change. That number was 1%. I had some people disagree, they said that I was being biased. I had someone try to say “is that a fact”? Well of course it isn’t a fact. To say it is a fact would be a huge overestimation of who you are as a person and your abilities. There is absolutely no way something like this can be proven as fact. If someone can prove  an actual number as a fact, plain and simple, please do let me know. Thinking something like this is letting your ego control you, plain and simple. You know there is no way you can prove it to be a fact, but you have to prove yourself better somehow. Major ego issue that needs to be fixed there my friend.

Why can’t it be proven as a fact? Because you can’t factually prove the intention of every human being on Earth into a number. That would be saying you could see the future, that you can see everything that is ever going to happen. That is completely foolish, and you look like a complete fool by saying it – but wait… You think you sound smart. Educate yourself into being a better person. Being the better person is far from trying to make yourself sound like the better person by a false sense of your own abilities and intelligence.

The letter I am referring to is a letter I wrote to to my friend I was going to pick up. It was a gift to her, something she needed, and something I felt would be a great lesson for her. After starting to write on my blog today, I realized that this wasn’t meant as a gift just to her, it was meant for everyone to read, so I will post it here.


I’m going to type what is written in the letters because I can only see about half of what is written. When I took the pictures on my phone they looked great, but on my laptop I am unable to zoom in on them and can’t see half of what they say.

I wanted to come get you because I care about you and I love you. I can’t sit around and let someone suffer if I know there are things I can do to help. If someone can sit around and do nothing while you ask for help, then maybe they are worse off than you are?

Now, on to the tougher part of the things I want to let you know. I already told you why I came up here, so this time I would really like to see you stay. Can you make me a promise? That promise is that you will never go back to him, or any guy like him. Do you think you can do that?

*You saying yes comes with these terms*

You will not believe an abusive jerk because they beg, cry, and go on and on about how much they love you. They go on and on that they have changed, or that they will.

The chances of an abusive man in general changing is maybe about 1%.

An abusive man using only the “I love you, miss you, I have changed, or will change” asshole line has a big fat 0% chance of being sincere.

So, if you can accept the promise, you can agree to see these statements on the next page you have. With the promise you gave me, you agree that if you can not check off ALL of these boxes, then you will not go back to this guy. Pretty please?

If he is trying to make you come back, and you are considering it, then refer to this list. If you can truthfully check every single box, then you will have my approval for this asshole. I’ll even give the prick a hug, maybe even a shot of my vodka, maybe…

  1. He has apologized for every wrong doing he has done to you in actions and words. He takes the initiative to bring up all of these on his own, not you telling him what he should be sorry for.
  2. He did not use the “baby I’m sorry, I love you so much and I promise I’ll change” line. This is the line of liars. 0% change, they will go back to their old ways, guaranteed! How do I know he won’t change with that line? A man sincere would never use that line, they would respect your need for healing time and time alone.
  3. Did he admit FULLY to his history of physical, emotional, sexual, and psychological abuse? Did he see all of the signs of these, and understand how they hurt you so badly? Did he say why he did them, and why he won’t do them again?
  4. Is he no longer playing the victim? Is he accepting what is his fault? Has he told you that he wrongly blamed you for everything wrong, and why?


Remember the most important part of all of these checkboxes:

He must take the initiative on his own for them all


Be prepared for the harsh truth. The matrix.

But it doesn’t have to be harsh. It can be harsh, or it can be what you create it, and it can be beautiful.

I feel like it has been too long since I have posted again, but I post when I can connect with the information I receive enough to finally write about it. Sometimes it is multiple times a day, sometimes it happens once a month. It all depends.

One day, you are going to come to a realization, is there something, or is there nothing? Everyone thinks they already do that, but I am not talking about those concepts. I am not talking about what people believe as in what religions teach, and what atheists call themselves. I am talking about something much deeper, something much bigger. Or wait, is it really something much smaller? Much smaller than you ever thought it was, and much more simple than you ever imagined? How often do you get stumped by an answer you were trying to figure out, only to find it out and go “of DUH that was IT?” Well, for me personally, it has been that kind of experience. I also see the other side of that experience as well, and wonder if I am only seeing a small piece of it, I’m the new kid in class. Then I tell myself the harsh truth. What is the harsh truth? What it looks like.

This is the matrix. More writing about it to be continued.



Are you ready for a world without money?

Are you ready for the world without money? It is going to happen, and it is going to happen soon. I believe it is, I definitely believe it is going to happen in our lifetime. I do not see any other way humans can continue existing with something as evil as money in place controlling everything and everyone. Either money will cease to exist or humans are going to destroy themselves over money. How ridiculous does this sound? Humans destroying themselves over something as useless as apiece of paper? I’m honestly looking forward to when this happens. Me looking forward to this does not mean it is going to be a happy fairy tale by any means….

So, how can you prepare for this? It takes understanding of what will happen when money is no longer in the picture. People work for money, correct? People will no longer go to work if they aren’t paid. Almost everything you do every single day involves money to make it work. No more going out to eat, you will have no cooks, no waitresses, not even the owners of the restaurant because there will be no business without money. Your power is going to be shut off, you cell phones will be shut off, your electricity will be shut off, after you use the gas you have in your vehicle, there will be no more. These are just a couple small examples, I’m sure you can think of plenty more, and so can I, but I do not want to even begin listing them all because it would be never ending. It is going to be very chaotic. A lot of people are going to get killed, mostly by rioters and break ins, violence from starving, violence from just being angry and the biggest thing is killing for survival. How are you going to survive this? Being aware of it is how. If you let it hit you as a shock, then you are most likely to be a victim. This will go on for many years but each year will slowly get better and better as people start to realize that they can’t live this way. They will get tired of it and everyone will start to form together like we are all supposed to do. The end of money has to be what creates this coming together of us, so we have to go through the hardship of understanding first.

I try to explain this to people all the time, but no one wants to listen. I feel it in my gut how this is true, and how this is the only logical reason I can think of for us to come together.

Stop destroying our planet.

It really gets old seeing all of the stuff posted about how “people” are acting, such as the people rioting again in Missouri. I’m going to post what I think with no bullshit honesty. I’m saying it how it is. I hope you’re proud of yourself. The only thing that makes you human is resembling one, the rest of you is nothing but a savage wild animal. People like you are exactly what is going to cause us as a human race to fail. How does it make you feel to know that all you are doing is nothing but mass destruction which is what will lead to the extinction of us humans? This isn’t the way to solve problems.


Not to worry though, this can be fixed. While you are out being the savage you are, others that know better and are aware are working towards the direction for good. Eventually that good will win, and it won’t be in the very distant future. Acting like a savage destroying our planet will do nothing but cause you to be reset over and over until you can function in the universe as an intelligent being. Our purpose is to rise above, not rise below.

How money is causing the majority of problems in our world right now

After posting the video about space time, I really started thinking more. Time is our perception of time as people here on earth. What happens when you add money to the picture as well? Money was also created by us, and it controls us, more than anything else on earth. Wars over money, people are killed over money, you go to work everyday to survive because you have to have money to survive, I go on and on with this list. So what do you do each day you work? For a big percentage, you wake up early every morning, rush to get ready, get in your car and drive to work to make it there on time. Why is this important? For now, because you have to survive. But what is it really useful for? Our society the way it currently is. To look at the the big picture of things, and the way I see them now – you rush to get to work on time to make money to survive as a human being on earth. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. Why is everything so centered around money? Why is our perception of time what it is? Well, because you can’t show up for work whenever you feel like it, you have to show up to work at the time your schedule says, or you will get in trouble, get yelled at by your bosses, and possibly even get fired. All of this just because you have to make money to pay for having shelter, to pay for having food, to pay for any children you have, to pay for transportation, electricity, water, heat in the winter, cold air in the summer, medical issues, and any leisure time you want to have besides having to pay for your bills and basic necessities, you have to pay to enjoy yourself. Why?

Most crimes are because of money. People get murdered because of money. People get into car accidents everyday and die on their way to work, to make money. The United States are in a desperate time of conflict now because of the election, because everyone now feels that they have to choose one person out of two people that most people can not stand. Out of these two people running for election, what do you think their biggest motivator is? Money. They go on and on and on about how they are going to solve the economic issues for the country, reduce taxes, prevent other countries from stealing jobs, and so on. Almost every single issue they bring up is centered around money. Money does rule the world, and it does cause the majority of the problems. Money is a material possession.

I know I can’t stand the way things are in this way, I want them to change. I want the world to stop being controlled by money. If money never existed, we would be so much better off. We wouldn’t be having wars right now, we wouldn’t be forced into having to work jobs that make us miserable, and being around people at those jobs that make us miserable. There wouldn’t be any poverty, no one would be going hungry because they don’t have money. The election would be irrelevant. People wouldn’t be dying because a doctor refuses to treat them because they are poor. There would be no power trips by people, because money creates power trips. These people on power trips cause a lot of problems for others thinking they are superior in some way. People with a lot of money aren’t superior at all, they only think they are. When money is out of the picture, which I believe will have to happen eventually, and not too far into the future, these “superior people” will be the worst off in reality. We can’t unite with money controlling us, so I do not see any other way money can continue existing if we are going to continue existing as a human race.

Adding this video because it was shown to me by a friend after I posted this. What if money was no object? – Alan Watts