Month: March 2017

The other side of the cube.

A couple of days ago I had a vision. The vision was that there was a treasure in a hidden room in my apartment. Of course I was thinking someone had hidden something of value inside of a hidden place in the apartment I live in, so I started thinking about what this treasure could be and where I could find it. I wondered if there was a hidden latch to open a door to get to a secret room. I thought of all kinds of things.I came up with no answers. Why? Because there is no hidden area in my apartment with a hidden treasure of money or anything else of that kind of value, and those are the things I was thinking it could be for the treasure. I had to think deeper and after a few hours it just clicked to me, I found the treasure. The treasure was another new learning experience for me that was very exciting to find. The concept is so simple it is funny to me that I have never thought it before, but also very interesting in the way reality is. It is the oneness of everything in our physical world and it explains how it is connected. This is Advaita.

To quote my favorite part from the link posted and what it taught me, I am going to post the paragraph here. I do give credit to for this material and I have no part in coming up with the content below.

Still more recently, science claimed that all of the different particles are themselves made out of different combinations of just a few particles called quarks and that those are the ultimately existing things. But they have not yet progressed far enough. The simple fact of the matter is that every ‘thing’ is ultimately only an attribute, a name and form superimposed upon a more fundamental substantive. We make the mistake of thinking that there really is a table, when actually there is only wood. We make the mistake of thinking that there is really wood, when actually there is only cellulose and sugars and proteins. We make the mistake of thinking there is protein when this is only a particular combination of atoms. Ultimately, everything in the universe is seen to be only name and form of a single substantive.